a little bit about Jackalfunk

Jackalfunk is an independent dance music label founded by UK producer Ansola.

Ansola is an artist with no boundaries, taking his passion for music a step further in each track he creates. With no specific genre, he produces minimal, techno, trance, progressive and house, although persistently creating and experimenting with new tools and sounds to evolve his label and musical identity.

Jackalfunk was launched to incorporate his passion for music and the necessity to take control over the artists he wanted to associate himself with. Constantly introducing fresh talent to the new age digital world and releasing tracks that inspire him, yet continuously reinforce the Jackalfunk sound.

Through Jackalfunk, dance producers can ignite this shared passion with a worldwide audience of dance enthusiasts, promoting themselves through the multi-genre digital record label.

Ansola Releases

14th May 2011